Thursday, November 13, 2014

In chapter 3 of Buehl, they discuss how there may be problems bridging the gap between students with gaps in their academic knowledge. For science they talk about misconceptions, which we've discussed many times and they bring up how students bring experiences to the classroom to be used in guiding cirriculum. We have discussed this as far as trying to plan around student's individual experiences. This can be beneficial because it allows them to enter science easier, as well as making it relevant and important to the students.

In chapter 4 of Buehl, they discuss how reading in science is important. I was happy to have read this because my lessons that I have planned and been a part of this year in teaching has been focused on having the students explore outside resources. Instead of providing info for them directly after, I lead discussion where students present the knowledge they gained from the reading and then I elaborate on their ideas and answer their inquisitive questions. This was a very reassuring chapter.

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