Monday, September 29, 2014

Buehl Comments

So, my first comment/question has to do with the comparison between what the author calls "visual literacy skills" (p. 56) and what we have talked about as the interpretation of scientific representations. Is there a difference? Is there such a thing as a verbal representation (i.e., do scientific representations have to be visual? My initial thought is that visual literacy skills are somewhat less encompassing than the interpretation of representations, because the author talks about visual literacy skills as a subset of scientific literacy.

Another thing on p. 33: do these kinds of "pseudoreading" have any proper place in school? Perhaps if only due to time constraints? Because, if we're being honest, I'm sometimes forced to do all of these just because of the need to be doing other things. I mean, I would think that skimming is a legitimate and necessary academic skill. But then again, perhaps the author would suggest that there's a difference between skimming for answers and skimming for comprehension.

Last, I just really liked his woodworking example. I wonder how best to position students as apprentice scientists/engineers in the classroom, especially when there are more than one. I imagine it has a lot to do with student participation in teacher action and teacher participation in student action (e.g., teacher solving problem on board out loud, takes student input for what to do next).

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