Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome & Week 1 Post

This is the blog that we will use for memos about our readings and other content related to the course.

The purpose of the blog is a shared space for thinking about the topics of the course.  Your memos evidence your thoughtfulness over our readings and serve as collective catalysts for discussion.  

For your first memo, please write a concise summary (i.e. a couple of sentences) of the readings from Galileo, Lehrer (2009), and the Hazen & Trefil chapter on Knowing. In the larger portion of your memo, discuss any themes from the readings that especially resonate with you or that you would like to discuss more in class. You may wish to consider the relationships among the readings or among the set of readings and what we have been working on in class. Include critique and questions if you have any. Memos should be approximately 300 - 500 words in length, but we care much more about the quality of ideas than exact word count.

As noted in the syllabus, memos are due by Tuesdays at noon and responses on a minimum of two other memos (in the form of questions or comments) are due by Wednesday at noon.

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